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Company Background
Penny Payroll Is In this for the Long Term

Penny Payroll is founded on humble but solid origins. The firm has grown and evolved from a well established CPA firm into a full service payroll company. Its founder and leader Ara Kassabian, is a CPA who has been in good standing with the accounting community in the United States and many parts of the world since the mid 1980’s. Over the years, his CPA firm has worked with some of the most prestigious companies in the world.

The firm has worked frequently with the IRS and state agencies and has always maintained excellent standing with both. Penny Payroll Inc is also listed on the IRS Information Reporting Program list. In addition, the firm has well established community roots and is active in state politics and numerous non profit organizations.

Penny Payroll’s stated number one priority is to serve and protect its clients. It is therefore highly selective about the stability of its partners and third party service providers. To ensure this, It has implemented a rigorous screening process to establish the longevity and stability of its partners. Penny Payroll Inc itself is backed by a solid finanicial foundation that the principals have been building up for more than twenty years.

As a relatively recent player in the payroll services industry, Penny Payroll prides itself as a dynamic new force that is changing the way such services are provided. Firmly grounded on its foundation of operating as a diversified accounting firm, it has now embraced the very latest in new online technologies to offer its clients an unprecedented level of service at very reasonable prices.

Penny Payroll is in this business for the long haul. It has prospered by providing quality services to its customers in the accounting industry over the years and looks forward to many more decades of furnishing such services in the future.

The processing of employee payroll and benefits grows more complicated and expensive every year.

• Constantly changing government regulations
• More complex employee situations
• Increasing administration burden etc.

Penny Payroll offers a unique combination of services and products for medium to small business that the old school players just can’t match.
Here’s What Penny Payroll Offers You:
• Better levels of service
• Lower Costs
• Leading-edge Web-based Technology
• Expert-provided advice and consolation
• Multi-lingual customer service

In addition we understand that no two businesses are alike. We can help you determine what type of benefits may work best for your company.

Your business matters to us. Making payroll count for your business…

That’s Penny Payroll!

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